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Natural, Digestible Chews

Feeding & Treating Your Dog: Natural, Digestible Chews

The benefits of all natural chews like bully sticks or antlers versus rawhide or marrow bones for puppies and adult dogs. Bully Sticks or Antlers provide a safe alternative to rawhide or marrow bones for the following reasons:

Rawhide is manufactured and pressed leaving the possibility of expansion in the dog’s stomach. Bully sticks will not expand and are completely safe. However with puppies or small dogs we do recommend supervision as with any edible chew to ensure that your pet does not swallow large pieces. Any treat can create a blockage if swallowed whole.

They are naturally dried and there is no use of chemicals for the USA and South America sourced bully sticks. However we cannot vouch for non USA or South America sourced products of any kind. Our Bully Sticks and Antlers are all sourced locally from reputable vendors that we have checked thoroughly for factual source information.

Antlers offer a hard chewing surface that breaks into chunks and lasts considerably longer than bully sticks. Again they are dried naturally with no use of chemicals.
Rawhide has been known to contain formaldehyde therefore can result in changes in a dog’s chemical make-up while they are chewing and can lead to food aggression. Our products contain no chemicals and are dried naturally.

Rawhide from outside of the United States (commonly sold at big box stores) is not governed or regulated and can be dangerous to your dog’s health.

Marrow bones can splinter and cut the stomach lining or intestinal tract of the dog creating serious health problems. Antlers and Bully Sticks do not splinter and are much more comfortable for dogs of any age to digest.

Added Benefits:
Bully Sticks and Antlers help clean teeth and maintain healthy gums and teeth while chewed.

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