4 Cool, Must-Have, High Visibility Doggie Gear Products

4 Cool, Must-Have, High Visibility Doggie Gear Products

Can You See Me Now?

Your dog’s safety this season depends on visibility and Leaps & Bones offers high visibility doggie gear solutions for dogs of all types. Hunting season is here and day light savings stealing the sun, it’s a great idea to keep your dog visible and safe whether you need help finding your dog in your own yard at night or just making sure they’re safe on a walk around the block.   Here are just 4 cool, must-have, high visibility doggie products available to ensure that no matter where you wander with your dog you’re visible.

High Visibility Vest

RC Pet high visibility doggie gear : Vest | Leaps & BonesRC Pet makes high visibility vests that are made of a lightweight mesh. The lightweight fabric and adjustable belly strap provides maximum comfort and flexibility. The high visibly orange color and reflective piping ensure that your dog will be seen day or night. Whether you are walking down the street or hiking a favorite trail, you will feel safe knowing your dog is visible. This vest is perfect year round.

High Visibility Doggie Gear: L.E.D Light-Up Leash

Nite Ize Innovation bright red L.E.D illumination leash has two different modes that ensure great visibility. With a simple push of a button the leash lights up. Along with its L.E.D light up feature it also has a reflective strip which adds passive reflectivity. The leash is visible over a thousand feet away. This leash has a wonderful battery life; Nite Ize states the leash light will run for 75 hours when set to the glow mode and on flash mode it will run for 100 hours. The water resistant switch is another reason to love this leash.

L.E.D Collar Cover

High Visibility Doggie Gear - Reflective Collar CoverHow about high visibility doggie gear that doesn’t require the extra work of dressing your dog? Turn your dogs ordinary collar into another source of light. The L.E.D. collar cover is weather resistant and fastens to any collar up to 1 inch wide. The cover micro hook and loop fasten to the collar and come in reflective gray and pink. The collar cover, much like the other lights, has two modes: glow and flash. Unlike the other L.E.D. lights this only glows red. While this may not come in as many color options the battery life does last up to 75 hours in glow mode and 100 hours in flash mode.

Anywhere L.E.D. Spot LightHigh visibility doggie gear clip on spot light

The anywhere L.E.D. spotlight is wonderful for all size dogs. It’s compact and has a strong stainless steel spring clip that makes it easy to clip anywhere. You won’t have to worry about taking it off during those rainy and snowy nights because this light is weather resistant. The push button switch allows you to easily access the glow or flash mode. The battery will run for about 25 hours in flash mode and for 20 hours in glow mode. This product has easily replaceable lithium batteries. *Recommended for dogs with short to medium coat, when used on the collar. Long fur may minimize effectiveness of the light.

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